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A bit of fun; 25 random facts about me. | Time Split

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A bit of fun; 25 random facts about me.

1   My father named a star after me for Christmas.
2   I went to Sorento in Italy for my honeymoon; strangely, one of my best friends and her husband went to exactly the same place for their
honeymoon also.
3   I love all animals, but my chosen animal as a pet is cats.
4   I do the 5:2 diet every week to keep my weight under control.
5   My other passion, apart from writing, is astronomy.
6   I own my own telescope.
7   I climbed my first mountain, in Mull, a few years ago.
8   I’m hoping to climb my second mountain this year in the summer.
9   I love Christmas so much the celebrations start on the 1st December (there aren’t enough Christmases in your life to waste a single moment).
10 I also love the snow.  I get so excited when it snows, it’s embarrassing.
11 I don’t like the summer, it’s too hot; even in the UK.
12 My favourite season is Autumn.
13 I’m lucky enough to be one of those people that can find joy in even little things, it doesn’t have to be expensive holidays or clothes to make me
14 I fulfilled a lifelong dream and crossed the Arctic Circle and saw the Northern Lights a couple of years ago.
15 I won’t fly.  I will go to great lengths to go by land, rail or sea, but I won’t fly.
16 I’m frightened of heights.
17 I did some rock climbing on my last staff training day (and yes I did have a panic attack when I got up high).
18 I seem to have forgotten how to slow down and even when I’m not in a rush I find myself doing a trolley dash around the supermarket.
19 I look after hedgehogs every winter.  We usually have at least a couple of baby hedgehogs that we nurse through the winter, to be released in
the spring.
20 My brother is effortlessly good at everything, unlike me who has to work hard to make things work.
21 I used to be a computer technician/programmer.
22 I have very little sense of direction (heaven help us on Snowdon).
23 I work better under pressure.
24 I love the sea and find days at the beach so relaxing.
25 I used to race competitively, long distance running, for my school.

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