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Distant Suns

Search for the Northern Lights Cruise 9th-25th February 2013 (Part One)

Ports Visited: Molde, Tromso, Alta, Kristiansund and Bergen Introduction:  We had talked about doing this cruise for a number of years before it took place.  The purpose was to satisfy two long-standing ambitions.  Ever since I’d heard about the aurora I had wanted to see it.  My mum told me a story about when she […]

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Sequel to Distant Suns: Distant Suns – The Journey Home

Distant Suns – The Journey Home The crew of the star ship, Terra, the last hope to avoid extinction for the human race, are nearly two years from the dying planet, Earth, when their four thousand year long journey, needed to reach the first possible habitable world, is unexpectedly halted. The action packed sequel to […]

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Distant Suns – Sample Chapters

Two astronomers discover a cloud of hydrogen, the size of the asteroid belt, approaching the Solar System and realize it is on a collision course with Earth.

At a high-ranking meeting to discuss their findings they are sworn to secrecy. It isn’t long though, before their young, but brilliant, apprentice, Lauren, discovers the impending catastrophe. As the true horror of Earth’s future eventually becomes apparent, she must make a decision which will turn her world upside down…

A runaway global warming crisis revolves around more horrific problems which emerge due to the birth of another sun in our Solar System.

Distant Suns is a heart-wrenching, apocalyptic, thriller about love, self-sacrifice and the human ability to adapt and survive in the face of impending extinction.

If you have an interest in astronomy, like drama with a good dash of excitement and enjoy science fiction, which takes place in the present, but is not too deeply immersed in the genre – then this is the novel for you.

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Distant Suns: An Apocalyptic Thriller A beautifully descriptive, action packed story about love, self-sacrifice and the desperate battle to avoid extinction on a dying world. Click on the cover to buy. A massive cloud of hydrogen is travelling through space on a collision course with Earth. At a high-ranking meeting two astronomers, Edward and Joseph, […]

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